Friday, August 24, 2012

Horațiu Rădulescu

Clepsydra; Astray (Daniel Kientzy; European Lucero Ensemble/Radulescu) (1990)

Dizzy Divinity; Byzantine Prayer; Frenetico; Capricorn's Nostalgic Crickets II (Orchestre Français de Flutes/Horatiu Radulescu & Pierre-Alain Biget) (1992)

Inner Time II, for seven B-flat clarinets (Angster, clarinet system) (1994)
Sensual Sky; Iubiri (Polychromie Ensemble) (1996)

Piano Concerto "The Quest" (Radio-Sinfonie-Orchester Frankfurt/Zagrosek; Ortwin Stürmer, piano) (1998)

Streichquartett Nr. 4 Opus 33 (Arditti String Quartet) (2003)

Lao tzu Sonatas (Ortwin Stürmer) (2004)

Intimate Rituals (Vincent Royer; Gérard Caussé) (2006)

String Quartet No. 3 [Arditti String Quartet - Radio Recording]

String Quartet No. 6 'Practicing Eternity' [Arditti String Quartet - Radio Recording]


  1. Astounding collection here; thank you!

  2. holy crap is an appropriate comment. what a TREASURE
    i have been wanting to explore his music and here it is.
    thanks yooooooou mr prophet