Thursday, November 1, 2012

Eva-Maria Houben

Von Da Nach Da (2007)
von da nach da, 55 images for three performers (2005)
"not all of the 55 images have to be played during a performance.
the performers make a selection and play them in any order.
this time 17 images appear and disappear.
'image' might mean: a musical image.
but also: a scenery, a situation, a place."

Works for Tromba Marina (2007)
"13 songs – to be played in free order, all or in small groups, or just a single song.
the tromba marina sings – and dances.
it sings – and moves in varying tempi:
andante sostenuto, allegro ma non troppo, adagio, allegretto moto, comodo, adagissimo,
allegretto quasi andantino, molto moderato, largo...
the tromba marina can be so many things.
a kettledrum, a bass drum, percussion: timpano;
a small trumpet, a piccolo trumpet – with melody and accompaniment: clarino;
continuo instrument – a virtually endless flowing and streaming: continuo.the instrument tells about its history – and in doing so allows me to discover its present."

Works for Double Bass (2008)
"archipelagos and nachtstück allow hearing to take place:
partials are attempted and unfold,
merging into multifaceted, richly coloured harmonies.
music happens all by itself, seemingly uncomposed ­
like the sound of the aeolian harp, its strings set into motion by a passing wind."

Works for Piano (2010)
"the sound of the piano decays.
it cannot be sustained. I let it loose time and again.
it appears by disappearing; starting to disappear just after the attack.
in disappearing it begins to live, to change.
the piano: an instrument, that allows me to hear how many ways sound can disappear.
there seems to be no end to disappearance.
I can hear, how listening becomes the awareness of fading sound."
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